About Us

These are the web pages of a family based language school, Brainy JAM in Trnava ? a licensed partner of Brainy SK.

The family atmosphere is enhanced by our premises which occupy the ground floor of a large house but also and mainly, through our personalised approach to each student.

Our 28-years of experience in the area of language education and the tried-and-trusted patented methods guarantee that learning is going to be modern and systematic.

You will be taught by top-notch, creative lecturers with an emphasis on experience-based learning ? because educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.

?Don?t say go, say come!? is our creed in educating children as well as adults. It is a simple principle of teaching by example. Don’t send children to study, study with them. Because we ourselves have four beautiful children, we looked for solutions for all families. That is the reason why family courses (a child and parent studying at the same time, in different classes or even in the same course) are so popular.

Try it yourself, we look forward to seeing you,

Erika Rapav?, Stanislav Rapav?

and your Brainy JAM Trnava team.



Our lecturers